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Call Castlton at 1-800-25-TANKS , and we will locate existing tanks using state of the art technology.

It will depend on the town regulations; some will allow abandonment in place by filling the tank with sand after cleaning. However, it is better to take the tank out.
The removal of the tank is more advantageous; because it facilitates the resale process of your home. Secondly, the tank integrity is immediately apparent. The soil is easily inspected, and soil test for additional proof of cleanliness is available at a small additional cost.
State Regulations do not govern home heating oil tanks, which have not leaked. Some local jurisdiction may have requirements for home heating oil tanks. You should contact Castlton, or your city to check on any regulation that may apply to your heating oil tanks needs.
Typically, there is one to two week wait notice period before a job can begin. All jobs requiring permits; need to be issued and mark outs need to be called.
Toggle ConCastlton will call in a spill number to DEC or DEP depending on your state and we will help filing a claim with insurance company, and NJ residents rebate program.tent
Castlton expertise will fill out all the paperwork and helps you get your money back.
Permits are necessary for tank removals and installations. Castlton Environmental Contractors will be able to obtain them for you.
Any fuel oil left in the UST (Underground Storage Tank) will be removed by a licensed vacuum truck and disposed at a licensed liquid disposal facility. If a tank removal is performed in conjunction with a tank installation, the remaining clean fuel oil may be transferred from the old tank into the new one.
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