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I am writing this letter to let you know how impressed I am with the men working at my home. They were hard at work every day from early in the morning till end of day. Cleaning up and straightening up the property.
I would certainly recommend your company and your workers. The last day, blacktop and seed was put down and the grass has started to show. the windstorm has broke some large branches in the backyard.

This letter is to thank you for giving me such good service in repairing my oil spill problem from my oil tank.
You advised me from the start with my best interest in your thoughts of how to handle the situation.
The job is complete now and it was done in a very clean and satisfactory way. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of a excellent results.
Thank you again for your good services

I want to let your company know it was pleasure dealing with Carmine Darminio. Beside his prompt and professional service. he added a human touch to my problem and concern.

They did a magnificent job, I’ve got nothing but praise for these guys. The problem was realized on a Friday or Saturday night and they came immediately in poor weather and worked through the night. They were a tremendous help with the insurance company. They knew how to file the claim. They had not only technical expertise, but expertise in the insurance process as well. They were able to deal with the EPA as well and removed a very large burden from us. Locally they have a very high reputation for honesty, and we found them to be so. All of their people were extremely courteous. It was an extremely large job and they handled it magnificently. The overall job without the help of the insurance company was around $40,000 which can be crippling for a homeowners, but they help me all through the process.

40 ton dig out after my tank was found to be a leaker. Yet, I didn’t ?? flinch, after you got all my money back. Everything you guys did from the beginning was help me through the whole process of figuring out how to get my property fixed, and everything worked out great. I recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much.

Your employees and you are wonderful. All the work you did at my house is spectacular. The knowledge you shared with just a regular man who had no idea about this kind of stuff was great. You truly helped me through something I would have never understood without your expertise and knowledge. Thank you again for everything.

Thank you for all your help. Our yard looks just the way it did before you took our tank out. All your help through this process made it go so much more smoother. We are glad we choose you. Thanks you again and God Bless you.

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