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Tank Storage Installation

Underground Tank Storage Installation

Castlton Environmental Contractors LLC is licensed to remove or abandon your Underground Storage Tanks (UST) in New York and New Jersey. Our trained professionals will assist you in properly decommissioning your UST in a manner that satisfies local and state regulations.

Castlton Environmental Contractors LLC and its certified installation technicians are equipped to fully satisfy all your installation needs in New York and New Jersey.

Underground Tank Storage Installation

With all the state grants available you can install an above-ground Roth for little or no money at times. Having an above-ground Roth saves you money on your homeowner insurance and fewer problems when you’re trying to sell. You can get up 400 gallons Roth Tank or small as 110 gallons.
Upon choosing CEC for your installation a full survey of the property will be given so that the best fit possible for their property is achieved. Several options will be given to the customer. Various make and models, tank sizes, and locations, whether indoor or outdoor, make our customers feel that they have made the best decision that fits their individual needs.
On the day of the installation, a fully trained and certified crew will arrive on-site with all equipment to begin work right away. The tank will be installed at the previously chosen location along with all necessary peripherals and fuel lines.
Our office staff will ensure that all local permits and inspections are coordinated with the installation. Also, if the customer chooses, he/she can have the usable fuel transferred from their current AST/UST, into their new installation, if possible.

Inspection and Installation

When you are looking for a storage tank inspection team, turn to the experts at Castlton Environmental Contractors LLC in Nanuet, New York. Our personnel has extensive experience, specialty training, and state-of-art equipment for inspecting any above-ground or subterranean tank. Should any spills be detected we clean them up and can remove a damaged unit if necessary.

Reliable Roth Tanks

Save money on your homeowner’s insurance and make it easier to store oil for your home heating system with a durable Roth tank installation. These state-of-art containers are made to some of the highest standards, are easy-to-set-up, and are known for their high safety rating, making them a great choice. Our team works with all Roth unit sizes, from 400 gallons, down to 110 gallons. Paying for these is easy, as there are state grants available that you can use.

Installation And Transfer Service

On the day of the appointment, our fully trained and certified crew arrives with everything needed to complete the project. We start right away, hooking the unit up to all the proper tubing, bolting it down to the floor, and making sure any peripherals are functioning correctly. After the setup is finished, we transfer all fuel from your old tank into the new one. All permits and inspections are coordinated with the installation, meaning any issues that arise are addressed then and there.