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Castlton Environmental Contractors LLC is ready, willing and able to provide 24/7,
365 days a year, emergency spill response of hazardous and non hazardous material.

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Emergency Spill Response

Day or Night, Castlton Environmental Contractors trained and dedicated staff is prepared to mobilize its fleet of spill response vehicles and equipment to your site. Our emergency division has built a reputation for reliability timely response and quality service.


Underground Tank

Castlton Environmental Contactors LLC is licensed to remove or abandon your Undergrund Storage Tanks (UST) in New York and New Jersey. Our trained professionals will assist you on properly decommissioning your UST in a manner that satisfies local and state regulations.



Our office staff will ensure that all local permits and inspections are coordinated.

Confined Space Entry & Rescue Services
Emergency Management and Control Planning and Response Services
Transportation Emergencies
Railcar Emergencies
Industrial Environmental Services
LTL Natural Disasters
Flooding. Hazardous Waste Transportation
Consulting & Remediation of Mold Issues
Phase I, II, and III Environmental Consulting
OSHA / EPA Mandated Training and Consulting
Homeowner Environmental Consultation Services
Well Abandonment
Well Install
Mason Design
Stone Arrangements
Geoprobe Investigations
Geoprobe Investigations
Excavation Services
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